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Alberto Barud
Alfred Dean Gomez
Geological Advisor, Project Manager
Anna Dershteller
Is employed
Financial planning, Project Controls
Amanda Leigh Ryan
Social Impact, Corporate Social Responsibility, Economic Development
Carlos Davila
Senior Geologist | Geomodeler | Field Development
Catherine Thomas
Geoscience professional
Claudia Moussis
IT Management, Program Management, Delivery Excelllence
Deo Padmakar
Geophysical Acquisition/Interpretation
Dimitar Atanasov
Is employed
Portfolio Management, Program Management, Software Engineering
Eric Peterson
Energy and Resource Scientist
Galen Simon
Safety & Compliance inspections, SEMS, Optimization, HSE Supervision, Commissioning, Supervisor
Gustavo Montenegro
Geomodeller, Geophysicist, Data Scientist
Holly Frantz
Is employed
Technology and Security Business Partner
Kirsten Hass
Market Intelligence Architect
Martin Levine
Business to Business Commercial Expert
Michael Arnold
Oil and Gas Training and Development
Misty Green
Strategic Human Resource Leader
Mark Marzec
Compensation, Employee Benefits, and HR Systems
Justin Newman
Is employed
Consulting Geologist
Esteban Moreno
Is employed
Marketing leader, Business Consultant
Bill Kamman
Is employed
IT Project Manager, Product Manager
Yvonne Paisant Allen
Is employed
Data Scientist
Nabila Mechti
Data Analyst, Geoscientist
Olga Moskvina
Senior Geologist, Geoscientist
Rafael Delgado
Finance Manager, Finance Business Partner
Samuel Ramirez
Controls Engineer
Sofia Nemchenko
Sales & Business Development Leader
Steven Young
Geologic Project Coordinator
Trevor Cusworth
Vice President, Senior Vice President, Chief Executive
Ciprian Soldan
Consultant Geology and Projects
Bryan Gottfried
Director of Low Carbon Strategy
Miguel Gomez Paz
Controllers / Finance
Wade Hardie
Is employed
Project Manager
Madeline Armond
Is employed
Project Manager
John Mann
Application Consultant
Mariano Redivo
Business Analytics Manager
Carmen Christian-Aye
Is employed
Project Information Manager
LeRoy Vallejo
Senior IT Project Manager
Robert Decesari
Is employed
Senior Geoscientist
Ed Donaldson
Is employed
Business Operations Manager
Elena Gonzalez
Marketing Leader
Michael Sullivan
Senior Geoscientist
Jose Hernandez
Project Engineer
Jeff Tomlinson
Country Manager, VP Operations, Fractional Executive, Consultant
Vadec Lobza
Oil & Gas Geoscientist
Alba Albarracin