Our nonprofit organizations

VIRTUAL INTELLIGENCE PROVIDERS, LLC (VIP) supports four non-profit organizations. These organizations exist to inspire all VIP’s employees, clients, and friends, to help tackle social issues, provide community service, advocate for change, help build resilient communities, provide disaster relief, support vulnerable populations, and practice charity. We actively support various groups including, disadvantaged students, military personnel ending contracts or exiting the US Armed Forces, women affected by breast cancer diagnosis, and displaced personnel and professionals from the Oil and Gas Industry or “people in the energy transition”.

VIP Angels for Soldiers Foundation

Empowering returning veterans through comprehensive support services and transitioning education programs. Promoting their well-being and reintegration into society. Honoring their sacrifices with dignity and gratitude.

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VIP Cancer Foundation

Promoting Compassion and hope, two deep feelings of empathy and concern for those who are suffering or facing challenges. It involves understanding their pain and actively seeking to alleviate it with solidarity programs and donations.

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VIP Education Foundation

Motivating Students, Empowering Minds, Transforming Futures. Enabling and facilitating access, quality, and innovation in education globally. We strive for lifelong learning, and the transformation of lives through education.

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Global Energy Transition (GET)

Advancing displaced Oil & Gas (energy) workers, professionals, and entrepreneurs, toward new or existing businesses or employment opportunities to include the new low-carbon emissions economy.

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VIP-Global is:

An Equal Employment Opportunity Company
A Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)
An e-Verified Company
A Supplier Diversity Corporation
A Certified Woman Owned Business
A Minority Women Owned Business
A Historically Underutilized Business
A State of Texas DIR Certified Vendor
An Equal Opportunity Employer



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