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Virtual Intelligence Providers - A Story of Loyalty, Friendship and Talent

Many entrepreneurs are known for being interesting people, both at work and in their personal lives. It is their creativity, determination and risky nature that makes them different. Here is the story of VIP-Global and Sonia Clayton its founder and CEO.

The path to success wasn't always easy for Sonia who grew up fatherless and in poverty, in a turbulent Colombia. She and her family immigrated to Venezuela and eventually arrived in the USA with $50 in her pocket. Her dream was to become an American Entrepreneur.

In September 2001, and just two weeks after the 9/11 attack, she envisioned VIP-Global. Today, Sonia remains as its leader to this date and serves as a philanthropist supporting a good number of social causes, including three non-profit organizations benefiting Cancer Patients, Military Personnel, and Higher Education.

VIP-Global is a full spectrum, Technology Consulting firm that helps create powerful business solutions for world-wide and local corporations. We help organizations interested in driving dramatic growth through the implementation of Next-Generation Technologies. We are an international, multimillion dollar operation serving many Energy (Oil & Gas) and blue-chip clients.

Sonia Clayton
Sonia Clayton, CEO & President   

Recognized with more than 30 awards of excellence, VIP-Global is a household name among many Fortune 50 and 100 Corporations. Under the VIP-Global brand, hundreds of dedicated professionals and independent firms collaborate to bring to our customers world-class, cutting-edge technical solutions to include the following:

  • HR/IS Human Resources Information Systems Solutions
  • PMI – Project Management Innovation
  • ERP-RPA - Enterprise Resource Planning – Robotic Process Automation Integration
  • BPE – Business Process Engineering and Documentation
  • RPA-PM (Robotic Process Automation Project Management)
  • RPA-OCM (Robotic Process Automation Organizational Change Management)
  • LMS-RPA (Learning for Robotic Process Transformations)
  • LP-LE-DE (Learning Platforms, Learning Ecosystems and Digital Learning)
  • TTT – Train the Trainer Solutions
  • VR & AR (Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality)
  • UAV (Unmanned Arial Vehicle -DRONES) and Data Analytics Integration for QA and Safety
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • CV (Computer Vision and Data Integration)
  • ML (Machine Learning for Robotics)
  • IOT (Internet of Things and Data Analytics Implementation and Reporting)
  • BOTS for Automated Responses and Digital Assistants (Chatbot AI)
  • BOTS for Automated Responses and Digital Assistants
  • BDA (Business Data Automation for BIG Data Analytics)
  • Gamification
  • PA (Predictive Analytics)
  • AOSD (Aspect-Oriented Software Development)
  • General Next-Generation Technology Consulting Services
  • IT/HR Strategy and Innovation
  • POST COVID-19 Virtual Disruptive Technologies (Public and Private Sectors)
  • K-12 College and Career Readiness Technologies and Services
  • Virtual Education Platforms
  • Complete Next-Gen Project Management and Teams

"Our ability to recognize the need for change and to quickly adapt to the needs of our clients determines how SUCCESS is conceived at Virtual Intelligence Providers, LLC." - Sonia Clayton

VIP-Global is:

An Equal Employment Opportunity Company
A Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)
An e-Verified Company
A Supplier Diversity Corporation
A Certified Woman Owned Business
A Minority Women Owned Business
A Historically Underutilized Business
A State of Texas DIR Certified Vendor
An Equal Opportunity Employer



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