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VIRTUAL INTELLIGENCE PROVIDERS, LLC (VIP-GLOBAL) VIP-GLOBAL is a full spectrum Technology-Consulting firm, that helps create powerful business and technology solutions for world-wide and local organizations interested in driving dramatic growth through the implementation of Next-Generation Technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data-Science, Robotic Process Automation, and others). VIP-GLOBAL, is a private Houston, Texas, based company recognized by more than 30 awards of excellence, including White House and State Recognition.

As a small-minority-woman-veteran owned business, we serve several verticals to include the American Energy / Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, and Education sectors. Our goal is to produce results by enabling our clients through business process improvements, technology transformations, training, upskilling, and reskilling. We achieve goals and objectives by using innovation, collaboration, and integration.

We EDUCATE, EMPOWER, CHANGE and OPTIMIZE our client’s operational performance while managing and solving cost and budgetary issues.


Gartner predicts that by 2025 one in three jobs will be done by software, robots and smart machines, but that is not an ominous prediction. And in fact, by 2020, artificial intelligence will create more jobs than it eliminates. The next generation of robots isn’t working to replace people, it’s working to improve the lives and jobs of people. We see that in the industrial world, where robot design is pivoting from giant mechanical arms that take up factory floors, to smaller, more collaborative bots, that are designed to work alongside people. While these collaborative bots only make up 3% of the market today, they will make up 34% of the market by 2025.

The most recent Pathways to Digital Enablement Survey (by Willis Towers Watson) reported that that at least 30% of companies have some sort of digital. However there are multiple ways to embark in this new reality specially because digital products and service and constantly evolving making hard for organization to keep up with what is offered out there in the market place and what suits their purpose, needs and workforce.

We transform and change entire enterprises by implementing next generation technologies, end-user education, upskilling and reskilling. We identify gaps and needs, and facilitate adoption of next-generation computing technologies. We are proud of assisting FORTUNE 100’s and small or medium-size clients. We help them by simplifying complex technical issues and by identifying potential applications of technology in their unique environments while adapting a plethora of performance improvement solutions to their business processes and by ensuring a smooth transition of their workforce.

VIP-Global is:

An Equal Employment Opportunity Company
A Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)
An e-Verified Company
A Supplier Diversity Corporation
A Certified Woman Owned Business
A Minority Women Owned Business
A Historically Underutilized Business
A State of Texas DIR Certified Vendor
An Equal Opportunity Employer



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