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Latina and Indigenous women join forces to create infinite impact for Girl Pioneers in Guatemala

In March 2022, MAIA is launching the Latina Alliance for Impact. This new alliance will bring together Latina women with Indigenous women and girls from Guatemala to create an infinite impact and transform their lives, their communities, and our world.

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Marketing Advisory Council

Today, Lone Star College-University Park is tapping into some of the brightest business and marketing minds across a wide variety of industries with the creation of a Marketing Advisory Council.

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Business Evolution and Transformation during COVID-19

Today, VIP-GLOBAL's CEO and President Sonia Clayton presented a lecture regarding "Business Evolution and Transformation during COVID-19". The event, held at Lone Star College's University Park campus in Houston, Texas, discussed the way COVID-19 has changed how we do things in business, work, and study. During this lecture the audience learned about new Post Covid-19 technologies and how they are driving change and innovation.

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VIP Angels for Soldiers Foundation

From the month of August to the month of December 5, 2020, our "ANGELS FOR SOLDIERS FOUNDATION" collected and delivered toys for the children of American Soldiers. Holidays are a magical time for children, it is a time for Santa, sleight, reindeers and presents, unfortunately thousands of our soldiers are deployed and away from home and their families. At VIP-Global, we are grateful for their service to our country and we hope to show our appreciation through our small gifts and tokens of love. Since we started this foundation, in 2009, we wanted to add a little something to the magic of Christmas and ever since we have been able to bless many with a real Santa and plenty of presents to give away.

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Innovation Awards 2020

Today, and after 19 years of successful operations, VIRTUAL INTELLIGENCE PROVIDERS, LLC (VIP-Global) can now account for 31 awards of excellence. Our latest recognition, the Houston Business Journal's Innovation Award, strongly aligns with our corporate mission to INNOVATE, EDUCATE, EMPOWER & CHANGE. For almost two decades we have remained at the top of the most advanced ERP Systems and the most sophisticated innovative technologies. Our IT engineers, architects, technical writers, trainers and research-innovators continue to assist our clients by reducing cost, optimizing business processes, and promoting a lean-office / shop work environment. We are experts at creating efficiencies to accelerate our clients' recovery after COVID-19 with a two-pronged focus of reaching effectiveness and productivity. This new award provides us with renewed motivation to continue to deliver the best of VIP-GLOBAL while helping our customers to reach their highest goals and potential.

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VIP-Global is:

An Equal Employment Opportunity Company
A Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)
An e-Verified Company
A Supplier Diversity Corporation
A Certified Woman Owned Business
A Minority Women Owned Business
A Historically Underutilized Business
A State of Texas DIR Certified Vendor
An Equal Opportunity Employer



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