VIP QuickVision Suite™

A Collection of tools designed to adjust to solve your company needs.

VIP-QuickSuite consists of 9 interconnected modules. You can choose and mix the modules based on your company needs. Roles are configured to give access and rights to the different features to tailor functionality to your corporate structure. The image below illustrates how the different modules interact.

QuickSuite Map

Click on the modules (below) to see more details of some of the VIP-QuickSuite modules:
Quick Change
Quick Doc
Quick Learn
Quick News
Quick Change

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  • Computer Training Solutions
  • Custom Design of eLearning Curriculum (SCORM Compliant)
  • Instructional Design Eco-Systems: Audio, Video and Simulations
  • Construction and Designed of On-Line Corporate Universities
  • Rapid Documentation Tools, LMS, CMS and Digital Media

System Design and Application Development - Near-Shoring

  • Custom Design Solutions and applications
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Change Management Systems (CMS)
  • Corporate Learning Systems (CLS)

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System Design and Application Development - Near-Shoring

Our Custom Solutions & System Development Group focuses on aligning technologies with business strategy to achieve operational success. Our core capabilities include:

  • Quickly create desktop .NET or Web-based ASP.NET applications
  • Develop rich Web interfaces using cutting-edge platforms and frameworks, such as AJAX, or Microsoft’s Silverlight
  • Build sophisticated modern Windows interfaces with Windows Presentation Foundation or third-party components
  • Automate your business processes utilizing Microsoft’s Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF) or Java Workflow Tooling (JWT)
  • Increase your existing applications performance by using MS SQL experts, who will examine and optimize not only SQL queries, but the whole database infrastructure
  • Add business intelligence with MS SQL Server Reporting Services or Crystal Reports
  • Connect enterprise-level systems using Service Oriented Architecture based on Windows Communication Foundation or legacy Web Services
  • Integrate your enterprise applications to build a seamless processes automation with BizTalk Server
  • Mobilize your applications using our team of experienced Mobility Solution specialists. Their knowledge includes everything from the first generation Personal Pocket PCs, to the ruggedized commercial grade handheld devices, to the latest on Android, IPhone and Windows Mobile
  • Deliver an end-to-end Collaboration solutions embracing the latest web portal technologies, such as Microsoft SharePoint, and business trends that enable an organization to become a ‘community’ with the ability to share information, discuss issues, and easily collaborate on projects


  • Technical Services
  • Management Services
  • Infrastructure Supplies
  • Outsourcing
  • Security