Our World Class Professional, Training and Education Services

VIP provides global corporations with the knowledge and skills they need to meet their strategic Learning and education goals by providing Organizational Change Management, Instructional Design, Training Programs and “People Solutions for Enterprise Technologies”™.

We help close the gap between people and technology by providing comprehensive training, managing your talent and enabling your end users – with live, online courses and blended learning while using VIP’s market-leading learning solutions. Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

  1. Corporate Training and Education Programs.
  2. Global Learning Platforms.
  3. Professional Services: Project Staffing-Recruiting.
  4. Organizational Change Management Strategies and Implementation (OCM).
  5. Project Management.
  6. Language Localization Solutions (Customized in over 20 different languages).
  7. Customized ERP (SAP & ORACLE) Team Training and End-User Solutions.

Among our many turnkey solutions we provide the VIP QUICK VISION Methodology Platform™ and a complete plethora of education programs designed to help you leverage the power of your applications, while minimizing cost and maximizing the performance of your operations.

Training and Education Programs and Solutions

Within our Learning, Training and Education Landscape we have the following disciplines:

1. High End Content Development: Development of highly interactive online learning applications to include short-forms of video and mobile apps. This content material is consistent with this the standard of graphic design and SCORM requirements. Cost per end user is lower than the equivalent to face-to-face interventions and it is welcomed among new generation end-users as well as senior generations.

2. Low End Content Development: Specialty WBT development focusing on client’s demands for training, however, it is challenged budgetary constraints and it often designed for small audience sizes (typically 50 or less) and within shorter timelines (typically 8-10 weeks). Low-end content development is often best suited to systems or process training, where there is a clearly defined imperative for training completion. Applicability of this solution includes: Basic Navigation Courses, our single / custom application training. Content is expected to track learning progress and evaluates learning, the content is also SCORM and WBT Compliant. Low End Content is design to help end-users define skills and roles is a short time frame.

3. Digital Design: Development of digital media and designs consistent with the highest standards of today’s design and innovation. Digital design encompasses the complete range of digital channels and approaches at the point of development, including (but not limited to): social media, web interface design, short-form video, games, web-based apps, mobile channels, viral marketing, online branding, graphic design and experience design.

4. Software Development: During the last twelve (12) years of market specialization in corporate and secular education programs, VIP has developed its own learning systems, methdologies and tools designed for specific complex coding, data manipulation and rapid documentation situations. Our VIP QuickVIsion Suite is proof of our ingenuity and ability to overcome challenges through the application of new technologies and embedded methodologies. Licensing options include author-based or enterprise licensing.

VIP’s Enabling Methodologies and Tools – Turnkey Solutions

  • VIP PMO – Documentation and Training Development Tool for Project Managers and SME’s
  • VIP QUICKCHANGE – Organizational Change Management / Strategy and Implementation tool
  • VIP QUICKDOC – EPILOGUE / Rapid Documentation Tool for BPR, Blue Printing and Training Development
  • VIP QUICKLEARN- Learning and Document Management System Platform
  • VIP QUICKNEWS – Change Communications Tool with Digital Signage Components
  • Custom Design Solutions and applications
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Change Management Systems (CMS)
  • Corporate Learning Systems (CLS)
  • Systems Design and Application Development for Learning Systems (Latin American Near-shoring)

5. Rapid Development: VIP develops its projects relatively quickly, using the most sophisticated accelerated documentation tool: VIP QUICKDOC –EPILOGUE- This tool enables rapid deployment and even faster to implement. This Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS) systems enables the authoring of learning content which can be exported in a variety of formats suitable to different deployment platforms and which can easily be deployed to Learning Management Systems due to the implementation of SCORM/AICC interoperability standards. Its rapid development systems includes features which make it easy for multiple authors and stakeholders to collaborate in the creation and review of content. This methodology is able to track content changes and manage content assets, while offering a simple way of implementing a variety of media options (such as audio or video), together with interaction options and assessment options. Licensing options include author-based or enterprise licensing.

6. User Research/ Usability/ Interface Design: This discipline is part of VIP’s Consulting Practice and covers a wide range of services related to Design and Usability Centers for Colleges and Universities. Factors include: Human performance, usability and user research, Interface and information design, information architecture, qualitative and quantitative research techniques, and user experience strategies.

These services may be engaged at the outset of interface design, during the revision of existing interfaces, or to establish the effectiveness of a completed interface design. In relation to eLearning content, user research may form part of the initial analysis and scoping phase, or it may be employed later in the project (for example, during beta testing) to identify potential improvements to the product prior to launch.

7. Learning Consultancy and Staffing Services: Advisory Services geared towards the development of learning content, instructional design, overall program design, integration of specific technologies, framing of learning outcomes, understanding learner behavior, learning implementation approaches and assessment methodologies.

Professional Services for OCM, ILT, OLC, e-Learning & Blended Solutions

  • VIP specializes in full-service staffing solutions by providing technical and business personnel through staff augmentation and full cycle project engagements.
  • Our company has a large proprietary database and we are able to access an external qualified pool of talented and responsive professionals with proven records of accomplishments in both technical and business fields.
  • We also have access to the largest recruiting databases in the world, supported by internal and off-shore recruiters.
  • We offer the following options: Contract, Contract-to-hire, Permanent Placements and Payroll Pass-Through Services.

Change Management Services

VIP’s consulting team is readily available to work with your team as needed during strategically critical times. Allow us to help you get started with The VIP QuickVision Suite™ and our professionals’ experience. We offer complete consulting-automated services (VIP CMS) including: assessment, implementation, customizations, and training.

  • Impact Analysis (Stake Holder Analysis)
  • Leadership Strategies
  • Communications Strategies
  • End-user involvement Plans
  • Training & Education Curriculums
  • Branding and Social Media
  • Multinational Cultural Integration
  • Multilingual, Cultural Interventions
  • Total Readiness
  • VIP Changing World™ Certification
  • Sustainability Training

Custom Training Solutions for ERP Systems (Oracle and SAP) - ILT, OLC, e-Learning & Blended Solutions

  • Story board design for Instructor-Led (ILT) and eLearning programs
  • Blended Learning / Training
  • Professional Development Solutions
  • Leadership Development Solutions
  • Cultural understanding Training
  • Project Management Solutions
  • Train the Trainer Solutions
  • Training Facilitation Solutions
  • Learning Support Outsourcing
  • Maintenance of existing technical training Programs
  • Lean Manufacturing and Lean Operations

Translation and Localization

  • Since inception to date VIP has served its clients with Technical Translations and Localizations
  • VIP provides localization services in over 21 different language capabilities in house and with over 30 representatives across the world
  • We separate the art (language) from the technology science (code) and we eventually bring them together is a single solution that is comprehensively coherent and accurate
  • We understand the cultural difference and the dialectical variations
  • We have delivered translations for various verticals and industries including: IT and ERP Implementations, Aerospace, government, manufacturing, electronics, consumer products, retail, construction, higher education, oil and gas, and automotive
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