How we grow our Supplier Diversity Program through second-tier subcontracting?
To create more business opportunities for diverse and traditionally underutilized suppliers, we require that our prime suppliers be part of our Second-Tier Subcontracting Program. This allows traditionally underutilized suppliers to work through our prime suppliers to provide products and services.

VIP has a strong and long-standing commitment to the economic development of the communities it serves. One way the company honors this commitment is to aggressively work with its prime suppliers implementing a strong Prime Supplier Second-Tier Initiative. This initiative was developed and designed to assist prime suppliers in the development of effective diverse supplier (subcontracting) initiatives and to track mandatory reporting. As a prime supplier, your company’s cooperation in this project is essential.

This user-friendly system collects and tracks prime suppliers’ subcontracting dollars spent with diverse suppliers, i.e. ethnic-minority, women, veteran and disabled veteran owned businesses, along with HUB Zone suppliers.

Second-tier Subcontracting Program
Prime suppliers report how much they spend on products and services from traditionally underutilized suppliers. These reports are due quarterly. There are two types of purchases to report:

- Direct: Purchases you make from traditionally underutilized suppliers that directly support the work you do for us.

- Indirect: Purchases you make from traditionally underutilized suppliers that are not directly attributed to work you do for us.