VIP Quick-News™: Digital Signage Communications

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Our Corporate Communications solution is out of the ordinary! Yes, our back-of-house digital signage system is used for employee communications. Our Quick-News™ system has been designed to target employees and other internal company stakeholder, with content that is specifically geared and customized for them.

There is always a need for employee communications and corporations have always struggled to get the attention of employees and what they want to convey or communicate is important information, so it's necessary to get their attention and engage the audience. VIP Quick-News™

Key Benefits:

  • New Culture Communications (The New Vision)
  • Synchronization with Quick-Link™ ( Social Media)
  • Staff development and interaction
  • Synchronous deployment of newsletters, focus groups announcements, board and training schedules and general employee communications
  • C-Level Visibility
  • Enterprise awareness
  • Employee retention
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Engagement and transformation
  • Affordable solution