VIP Quick-Doc™: - Rapid Documentation Solution (Epilogue)

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OVERVIEW: At VIP we believe that enabling employees to understand their job and perform their daily tasks effectively is central to realizing productivity gains and the benefits of process improvement. VIP’s system adoption solution provides a powerful easy to use software platform (Quick Doc) that enables you to easily create and maintain the electronic performance support your user community needs to drive user adoption of mission critical software applications and improve efficiency.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces the cost and effort of documentation by 80% over traditional methods
    1. Provide the ability to easily create customized documentation, simulations, test scripts and training using a simple recording
    2. Provides the ability to quickly translate materials into 17 different languages
    3. Provides the ability to easily edit any custom content using MS Word instead of having to learn proprietary technology to edit recordings
  • Reduces support cost by 40-50%
  • Provides users with the help they need when and where they need it so they don’t have to go searching for the right answer
  • Publisher allows you to see which documentation and/or training is used most often and which is in need of maintenance
  • All documentation creation and maintenance is orchestrated and controlled via a central “Publisher” allowing for capture of user feedback, best in class quality assurance and the ability to provide, and enforce standards
  • Sincrhonization with all modules of VIP’s Quickvision Suite™
  • 19 different languages
  • Significant budget savings


QuickDoc: VIP Epilogue at a Glance

VIP Quick Doc™ Demo Video: The Problem We Solve

VIP Quick Doc™ Demo Video: Author (1/2)

VIP Quick Doc™ Demo Video: Author (2/2)

VIP Quick Doc™ Demo Video: Publisher

VIP Quick Doc™ Demo Video: Advisor