VIP Quick-Change™: Systematic OCM Solution

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OVERVIEW: At VIP we believe in true organizational transformations, hence we drive our processes from the basic vision of “Change” all the way to shifting and transitioning of individuals, teams, and organizations into the new vision.

VIP’s Change Management Software Solutions are ideal for organizations looking at automating or establishing change management procedures and processes pertaining organizational missions or strategic, operational or technological changes targeting corporate attitudes and behaviors.

Our Change Management solutions are customizable and cost effective applications designed to make this process cleaner (reduce defects) and reduce the manual work and the labor intensive hours involved. We can significantly reduce your organizational transformation time and effort.

Key Benefits:

  • All change activity is orchestrated and controlled via “QUICK CHANGE”, thus resulting in fewer instances of loss of quality, normally associated with uncoordinated changes
  • The VIP Quick Change Module establishes the overall vision of your organizational change, while monitoring and approving the desired change
  • Our OCM solution is capable of analyzing and measuring the risk, resistance and stressors associated with change
  • Provides access to valuable key process information (KPI) about planned and implemented changes and their ramifications (Dashboards)
  • Provides the ability to customize your change request forms to suit existing change management processes and terminology
  • It allows the organization to follow a single methodology and corporate branding