Fahad Khan

Mr. Khan joined VIP-Global at of the end of 2017. He comes to us as a College Intern from The University of Texas (Austin) where he is a student of Economics, Elements of Computing (Computer Science), Applied Statistics Modeling and Scientific Computation.

He is an active member of Code Orange and an alumni of his high school’s National Honor Society where he has mentored and tutored several students. He is also a founding member of the Science National Honor Society, where he acted as an officer from 2015 through 2016. Fahad has a generous heart and a giving attitude, so often he is involved with the Houston Food Bank’s warehouse where he inspects and sorts food items, organizes boxes and helps load pallets for dispatch.

His technical skills include: MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. He has strong organizational and problem-solving skills. He has knowledge of Java, Python, HTML, JavaScript, and LabVIEW. Mr. Khan will work in Data Analytics Projects for the Sales and Marketing Office in Houston, Texas.