Olga Zuiak

Olga joined Virtual Intelligence Providers, LLC in 2014. She came from Ukraine and brought the skills and experiences that she got while getting her education and while working in Europe. Her experience includes working for several years at Raiffeisen Bank (Raiffeisen Bankengruppe), which is the largest cooperative bank in Austria, where she received several awards of excellence.

Olga is a responsible, organized and talented member of our team. She works directly with our CEO, Sonia Clayton, helping her to organize and prepare for multiple social, business, networking and charity events. She is talented graphic designer who creates most of our promotional material and presentations. Also, Olga is a part of every meeting or phone conference, making sure everything is scheduled, prepared and working smoothly.

She has a Master’s degree in Foreign Economic Activity. Fluently speaks, reads, and writes 3 different languages. Has great sense of humor, enjoys reading and horse riding.