Winston C. Carrillo

Petroleum Engineering professional with over 45 years worth of experience in the Oil & Gas Sector.

Corporate experience includes Mobil Oil Corporation in Venezuela. After nationalization of the Venezuelan Oil Industry, in 1976, Winston worked for PDVSA in Exploration and Production. Through the years increased its responsibilities at PDVSA until Jan. 2000, as held the position of Production Executive Director in the E&P Division.

Extensive expertise in Exploration and Production, Management of Production Districts, General and Executive Production.

Managed exploration, drilling, production, planning, new developments (marginal fields contracts) and major projects in the The North Sea, Special reservoir studies in MEPSI, Dallas and Houston Texas.

Has been a Consultant since 2000 in the Energy sector in the USA, assisting different clients ever since: Inti, Ziff Energy, GTS Drilling, Brenntagla, Nalco, Govia and Associates, and Pathfinder.

Participated in Business Development Programs, and performed as Operations Manager, and Specialist, as well as leader of the PMO office.

His consulting tenure at VIP started in 2010 when he became a Consultant in the O&G practice.

His professional education includes courses in Planning at Wharton, Executive Management at University of Houston, Finance at Northwestern University, Leadership and executive Mgmt. at the Center for Creative Leadership, Gas at University of Oklahoma (Gas), Technical Coursework at Schlumberger as well as Internal Development curricula at PDVSA.

Instructor for PDVSA’s Supervisory, Managerial & Executive Training Programs.

A graduate of University of Oklahoma with post-graduate studies at same institution.