Deyanira Zerpa

Bilingual Quality Management System professional with extensive experience in Quality Assurance, Audits, and Management Systems Implementation and a solid knowledge and understanding of ISO 9000 standards within manufacturing as well as oil & gas industry. Deyanira is an action and results-oriented person passionate about developing collaborative teams that align individual aspirations with the overall organizational goals. She has significant international work experience (Houston, TX; St. Johns, Newfoundland; Venezuela; Trinidad & Tobago; Bogota, Colombia; Rio, Brazil; Calgary, Alberta, Anchorage, Alaska; Singapore, and London, UK).

Important experience in Evaluation and control of critical vendors supporting procurement by performing Quality Assurance audits on suppliers. She has the expertise to create error detection systems and processes with a global reach through surveillance, documents, product services, and inspections. Analysis of Data, Lessons Learned. Prepare and monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Proficiency in root cause analysis and problem solving,

Recognized as a strong trainer in both languages English and Spanish, she is able to prepare and provide training in all topics related to Quality Management Systems at all hierarchic levels of the organization. Responsible for the implementation of a career development program for technical personnel including tasks as per definition of competencies, development of content for training or curriculum, evaluation of technical and non-technical skills. Leadership and ability to persuade other

Other skills: Interface with internal and external customers as well as monitor customer feedback. Ability to meet deadlines and manage priorities.

Software: Microsoft Office, Root Cause Analysis (First Alert, MAPS), SAP, Global Shop Solutions, Project Management.

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Certified ISO 9001 Lead Auditor by Bureau Veritas Certification North America.