Kirk Clayton

Kirk Clayton is our CFO, and a member of our Executive/Management Team since 2006 when he joined Virtual Intelligence Providers (VIP). Kirk brought a broad and relevant set of skills and experiences as he had performed through the years in various leadership capacities (Project Manager, Manager, IT Training Consultant, Product Development Manager and Programmer Analyst) for numerous fortune 100 companies including DELOITTE & TOUCHE, ACCENTURE, DYNEGY, PREMCOR, POWERSOFT and FERRELL GAS.

He has coordinated successfully, and since his arrival into the firm, the efforts of our CEO, Sonia Clayton, in the most sensitive areas of the firm’s administration and growth: Finances/Banking, investments, Legal, Clients and Providers, Relationships and Payroll.

Kirk has received numerous professional certifications, and earlier in life a BS in Computer Science and Information Systems from Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, where he specialized in such subjects as software engineering, statistics, operating systems, real time, artificial intelligence & BPR methodologies.

An avid reader, trail-seeker, target-shooter and traveler, Kirk is a possessor of a deadpan sense of humor, one that makes him quite the “feature” in many a social or business function. In his spare time he devotes his time and attention to family, friends, and volunteer activities for his church/congregation as well as for other philanthropic causes--locally and otherwise.