Aaron Clayton

US Navy – Flight Engineer – P3 Orion Aircraft. Honorably serving the United States of America.

Aaron joined the US Navy in 2007 as an Aircrew Training Leading Petty Officer, being promoted to Aircrew Training Leading Petty Officer and eventually becoming a P-3C Flight Engineer (FE). He also served as a Naval Air crewman, Barracks Support Leader & Aviation Electrician’s Mate.

Prior to joining the Navy Aaron worked at Hewlett Packard as an Assistant Development Lab Manager (2006-2007), where he managed development lab networks and hardware including ethernet and fiber optic technologies. He was also responsible for relocating and networking the Control Tower development labs, which included over 500 servers, into the HP Tomball, TX campus. After initial installment, he ensured quality and sustainability for network and server operations. Aaron also worked at RLX Technologies (2005-2006), where he worked as a Server Blade Technician and a Legacy Systems Support Analyst.

Aaron is also a founding member of Virtual Intelligence Providers, LLC (VIP-Global) 2005 to 2012.