Watch her acceptance speech in this video: https://lnkd.in/eJPW8xC

September 30th, 2016.

George Brown Convention Center - Houston, Texas (By Prospanica - Former National Association of Hispanic MBA's)

Reference: Sonia Clayton- "Brillante (Brilliant) Award" for Entrepreneurial Excellence - Winner 2016

Sonia exemplifies Hispanic Leadership in the USA through her incredible drive to succeed in business and her dedication to further her academic and professional pursuits. Sonia's generous and giving heart has helped thousands of Houstonians gain employment during some of the most critical recessions in the America.

Recognized by the United States Congress as the "Oracle of Hispanic Women in America," Sonia remembered her humble beginnings in her native Colombia.

"To the PROSPANICA's LEADERSHIP: Thank you very much for this honor. I would not be here today, accepting this award, without the help of my employees, my family and America’s Exceptionalism.

I am not an American Born Citizen of this country but as many immigrants do, I came here to help make this country a better nation.

Today, I remember my humble beginnings in Colombia and my upbringing in Venezuela. I also remember my arrival in America, where I came with $50 in my pocket, alone and unable to speak English. So, everything you see is profit!

This award is for my family, this award is for my employees, this award is for my Hispanic people!”

God bless America!"

Sonia Clayton, President & CEO


“Our mission is to produce results through technology and applications, while enhancing the bottom line using collaboration and integration to enable and empower our customers. - To achieve that mission we match a world class set of tools to the highest caliber people. We accomplish this while maintaining a very flat organization, allowing us to provide our customers the best possible rates for our services. In addition to cost savings we also help our customers meet federal, state and local requirements by being MWBE and HUB certified." Sonia Clayton

Services: SAP implementations, Organizational Change Management, Training and e-learning.