Sonia Clayton, President & CEO of Virtual Intelligence Providers (*), LLC, (VIP) wins BEST CEO AWARD.

HOUSTON– Today during a magnificent Gala hosted by the prestigious business newspaper, THE HOUSTON BUSINESS JOURNAL (HBJ), Sonia Clayton was recognized as the 2016 BEST CEO of the small company category. The event was sponsored by ZURICH, Comcast Business B4B, Mutual of Omaha Bank and AON.

Houston is a cosmopolitan city that is counted among the 11 U.S. most important business markets in the America and in the world, containing over 122,000 small businesses in the Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown metropolitan areas.

Based on data from the US Census Bureau from 2010, Small Businesses are defined as having fewer than 100 employees. Nationwide, 97.7 percent of all private-sector employers are small businesses, becoming the bloodline of the U.S. Economy.

During the award presentation Sonia expressed the following remarks:

“In 1984 and over 30 years ago I came to America with $50 in my pocket and unable to speak English. I created VIP in 2001 and after 15 years in business operations and tremendous challenges with the economy, produced by poor politics in our nation, VIP-Global stands resilient as ever. - Let’s keep in mind that it is only in America where this kind of thing can happen. The history of our nation is one of risk and reward. Ever since our Founding Fathers, who took major risks to travel to an unknown territory and launched an unprecedented experiment in human freedom. And I must add, that generations of patriots have also risked everything in defense of this experiment. It is indeed the roots of our earned freedom that have grown into what we have today, a leading economy among many competitors in the world. Yes, it is a great blessing – God Bless America!”

VIP-Global’s strength as a Business Technology Provider resides not just in its specialized knowledge, maturity, poise and flexibility, but also in its organizational commitment to excellence, ethical behavior, flexibility and affordability of all services and solutions offered. The firm’s offer is a wide array of fields or areas of expertise, chief among them: ERP Project Support/Management, Implementation Support, Organizational Change Management, Business Technology Training, Application Development, Performance Improvement for Organizations, Staff Augmentation, Curriculum Development and e-Learning Services.

*Virtual Intelligence Providers, LLC, is certified as a Minority, Women-Owned/Operated, Equal Employment Organization qualified to provide Technology Services at various levels, both for private and governmental organizations. Also, the firm is registered with the Houston Supplier Minority Diversity Council (HSMDC) and DIR.