VIP's Employee Development

VIP's Employee Development office offers employees a variety of workshops, programs and services designed to enhance personal/professional growth. We also provide information for the new employee orientation and job performance evaluation processes for staff members. You can request this courses from VIP's HR Manager, Mr. Frank Velasco at

Topics are:

Workshop Information

  • VIP Technical Writing Procedures
  • VIP Procedure Writing
  • VIP-Project Management - VIP ToolBox Methodology®
  • Wining Clients through satisfactory performance
  • Bilingual Translation
  • VIP Train-The-Trainer®

Methodologies Training

  • VIP Course Development®
  • VIP Course Translation and Localization®
  • VIP International Customization Program®
  • VIP Implementation Roadmap - Analysis, Configuration, Design, Development and Implementation
  • VIP Web Design®
  • VIP Lectora Design®
  • VIP LMS integration®

SAP training

  • SAP Project Management
  • SAP Orientation
  • SAP 4.7 Overview and Navigation
  • SAP Data Mining
  • Developing Traditional SAP Documentation
  • Developing SAP Job Aids

Personal Development

  • Professional Leadership Program
  • Principles of Supervision and Management
  • Writing your Resume and Biography