VIP's Code of Ethics

Reporting Illegal Activities

This code applies to all VIP personnel, directors and officers. It also includes contractors or third party employees representing VIP. All aforementioned parties are expected to read, understand and apply this code in all actions and at all times, as it pertains to the general principles, policies and procedures as described by the VIP Employee Handbook.

In accordance with VIP’s mission and high standard of helping businesses succeed through affordable costs and quality service, our standard of integrity, fairness, and adherence to lawful conduct are just as high.

At (Virtual Intelligence Providers, LLC) VIP, we believe that conducting business in an ethical manner is essential to the success and integrity of our company. Therefore, as a VIP Employee you are expected to:

  • Comply and uphold all agreements made with team members, customers, channel partners, suppliers and other third parties.
  • Avoid potential conflicts of interest at all costs and in all manners, directly or indirectly.
  • Complete all company transactions and related time, travel, expense and any other records accurately and in absolute honesty.
  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations governing our business and report failures of any compliance issues to upper management.
  • Protect confidential and proprietary information, whether it is internal or external information.
  • Represent oneself and VIP honestly and professionally. Avoiding any possible kind of misrepresentation.
  • Use Company time and resources prudently in the best interest of the whole organization or in the best interest of VIP’s customers.
  • Employees will not compete with VIP’s clients or partners, unless mutually agreed.
  • Employees will not be involved in any type of destructive or detrimental behavior while representing VIP at Corporate Offices or at Client Sites.
  • We expect all our employees’, consultant’s, managers’, partners’ and associates’ to be aware of and practice these standards regardless of environmental circumstances. Our global presence mandates that we maintain these standards of business ethics across a variety of cultures and customs that my contradict our own. Nevertheless, we strictly prohibit the acceptance of bribes, enticement, inducement, etc. even in countries and cultures where such activity is common practice.
  • Any violation to this code of ethics by falsification, misconduct, illegal activity, or other unethical behavior will result in immediate termination and may subject the perpetrator to legal investigation, prosecution, and even incarceration. This includes all parties involved or aware of such practices who failed to report it to the proper authority.

We are concerned with our employees’, consultant’s, managers’, partners’ and associates’ business ethics. We encourage you to report any irregular business transactions or unethical activities. VIP guarantees your information will be held confidential and will be handled as anonymous and confidential to include reports submitted via

We appreciate your support and cooperation in keeping VIP an ethical company from top to bottom. Thank you for your help!